We are pleased to inform you that the Brazilian Journal of Biometrics is now indexed on the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) platform. DOAJ is a highly regarded and trustworthy index of open-access journals that are committed to meeting certain standards of quality and accessibility. Being indexed on this platform further underscores our commitment to promoting the development and application of statistical and data science methods to biological sciences, and to making our content available to a wide audience of researchers and scholars who value open access principles.

It is quite important for a scientific journal to be indexed in the DOAJ, as it is an indication of the journal's quality and commitment to open access principles. DOAJ is widely recognized as the most comprehensive and reputable index of open-access journals, so inclusion in the directory can help increase a journal's visibility and reach. In addition, many research funders and institutions require that the research they fund or support is published in open access journals that are indexed in DOAJ.

Look details in https://www.doaj.org/toc/2764-5290

We strongly encourage you to submit your work to our journal, knowing that it will now be part of an established collection of high-quality, open-access publications that are available to researchers and scholars around the world.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of the Brazilian Journal of Biometrics.

Sincerely, Editorial Team of the Brazilian Journal of Biometrics